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Things You Have To Know About PDAX

As Filipinos become more receptive to new technology, especially cryptocurrency, we need to have the right platforms. The right platform must allow us to securely buy, sell and trade crypto and provide access to different digital assets. PDAX, a cryptocurrency trading platform, promises these to its customers.

In the recently concluded Philippine Blockchain Week, Earn & Use crypto got to see PDAX’s booth and learn more about their product. Here are things you should know about PDAX:

Opening Doors to Filipinos

The Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX)’s goal is for every Filipino to have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency by having their app be a platform where users can participate in the market quickly and easily. Users are sure that their money is secured because PDAX is licensed and regulated by the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas). It means they comply with Philippine law and follow industry protocols. The exchange also offers education on cryptocurrency and other related topics through PDAX Learn, making their platform holistic.

Coins, Coins, Coins

When investing in cryptocurrency, it is ideal to keep our portfolios broad, just like in stocks. PDAX has a variety of coins we can buy, sell or trade, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin, Tether, and Bitcoin Cash. Adding new coins to their platform is part of their plan to build the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the country, making investing in cryptocurrency accessible to us Filipinos.

Educating You on Actual Investments: PDAX Learn

Given that there are skepticism in cryptocurrency trading, we must know where we put our money into. PDAX helps its users be informed about cryptocurrencies and other related topics through PDAX Learn. This part of their website features articles that would be helpful to users in their journey to digital asset investment. Some of the themes include details about the different tokens they offer and materials discussing topics like NFTS, Metaverse, and the difference between Cryptocurrency and Stock Trading. This holistic approach, from educating to actual investment, makes their site a one-stop shop for their users.

Making your Cryptocurrency Journey Easy and Secure

PDAX strives to empower Filipinos in their trading journey by having user-friendly features and competitive rates when trading. Also, we can directly trade our PHP and never have to worry about converting our fiat to USDT when trading in their platform, avoiding confusion on conversion fees. Cashing in is also hassle-free as PDAX offers little to no charges when putting money into your account.

Start Your Crypto Journey with PDAX

Dipping our toes in cryptocurrency must come with caution, given its volatility. We must do our part in researching and learning about it. We must also equip ourselves with the correct tools to assist us in our trading activities.

PDAX, the homegrown cryptocurrency platform, is an excellent steppingstone to our trading journey in the crypto space. Given its complete and user-friendly functions, user transactions would be hassle-free, giving its users an easier time trading.

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