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Do you invest in any stocks or business at the moment? How would you define your saving habits? Maraming Pilipino ngayon ang naghahanap ng mapag-lalagyan ng kanilang ipon kung saan maaring tumaas ang kanilang pera through diversified channels. Ilan sa mga popular investments ay mutual funds, stock market, and cryptocurrency. Although there are still risks involved in investments, people are still very much into growing their savings and earning passive income.

Cryptocurrency as an Investment

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There are so many issues revolving around the cryptocurrency world. Despite the losses from many exchanges and scam tokens like Squid Game token or the TerraUSD stablecoin, many people are still interested in purchasing their own crypto. In fact, sa Pilipinas pa lang, may mga wallet apps na nag-start mag-incorporate ng crypto assets sa kanilang platform, gaya na lamang ng Maya app. Even with the increased risk and volatility from crypto, as an investor, do you see yourself putting money into this market?

Before you decide, make sure na meron kang asset allocation. To do this, you need to spread your investments across many platforms, not just one one. As much as possible, kailangan diversified ang iyong investments. Hindi pwedeng sa crypto ka lamang mag invest dahil very volatile din ang market na ito. Decide your risk tolerance, goals, and timeframe for ROI para mas mapadali ang iyong decision to invest in this market. Research is the key.

If you have decided to invest in crypto, you need to decide on which crypto platform you would invest in. Some people choose to hold crypto assets directly, while other use an exchange or broker to care for their investments. Each one of these ways will have its risks, so better read more before you start investing in them.

Is Crypto good for you?

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An investor of any sort will have long-term financial goals. This is very different from what a trader does. Traders speculate values and will generally have shorter plans. Mas successful sila pag exposed sila sa market. Sa investments naman, mas mahaba ang plano and usually, it would take years before a return can be made. In crypto, you’ll have to be prepared dahil madalas magbago ang presyo nito, so matatawag din itong risky in a way.

You also have to look at a crypto’s liquidity. Is it easy to buy or sell this crypto you chose? Some cryptocurrencies are not as liquid as others. A problem you may encounter is the difficulty to buy or sell your assets. You should be ready to deal with liquidity problems when it comes to crypto.

There are downsides and upsides to crypto investment. As much as possible, kailangan ng research on how you can fully realize the potential of your money. Many people are attracted to the possibility of higher returns in crypto, but there should also be some risk management involved when doing so.

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