The focus of the three-day convention is to explain what BSV blockchain can do in the world. It has been integrating with IPv6, which is said to be the future of our internet. Like the other crypto are claiming, it wants to give the users a more honest and transparent world where anyone can track their transactions.

Digital Twin

The sale of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting, “Gabrielle with the mirror,” and its digital twin for a reserve price of US$3 million was announced in the convention. Charles Alexander Symons, co-founder and director of ideation at Buzzmint, explained that there are two NFTs included in the sale: a digital certificate and the digital twin of the Renoir painting. This means a lot for the BSV blockchain and for the art world, as it may reshape the art industry and digital ownership.

Real-world blockchain solutions

Gate2Chain announced two products to empower the content creators. First, the Gate2Chain development suite, which is currently in beta testing. Second,Minta, which is described as the world’s first social marketplace, features the simplest and most intuitive NFT platform for content creators.

Meanwhile, HandCash is adding fiat off-ramps, paving the way for “zero to crypto” in seconds, along with an upcoming USDC stablecoin integration.

On the other hand, mintBlue, after its software development kit has been integrated into the VISMA | Yuki software, now has entered several proofs of concept. One with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to provide identity service management.

Centbee Remit

On day two, Centbee announced Centbee Remit. This new feature allows Centbee wallet users to send cash from their Bitcoin wallet to other people’s wallets, bank accounts, or even for cash pickup. This will allow users to send money from the UK to West Africa.

Fabriik Wallet

Fabriik’s COO Steve Bailey outlined key deliveries for the company. This includes the launch of the Fabriik Wave API and the April 2022 introduction of the Fabriik Wallet.

The Fabriik Wave API is a platform that provides a simple and configurable digital currency-to-digital-currency exchange. Meanwhile, the Fabriik Wallet is a mobile-first, self-custodial, and multi-currency wallet where users can buy, swap, and store top digital currencies cheaply and instantaneously in one place.

Integrating IPv6 and BSV blockchain

Most of us use IPv4, which can’t generate enough unique IP addresses for every human, let alone every device. With IPv6 — the next Internet protocol — every person and device can have a unique IP address, which can surely maximize peer-to-peer communication and transactions. It can also help how the internet works, a big innovation that will help a lot in using blockchain.

Blockchain-powered cybersecurity solution

Certihash partners with IBM to produce the Sentinel Node project. This will detect and track every log change and record it to the blockchain. With Sentinel Node, users will be able to immediately recognize data breaches or changes of files.

As quoted by Gregory Ward from SmartLedger/Certihash, “Cybersecurity is no longer about prevention alone. It’s about detection.”

BSV is chosen for this project because of its massive scaling, enabling low fees which facilitates micropayment transactions and greater data capacity.


Comparing the BSV to the BTC convention, it seems to look more classy and more formal than the Miami BTC convention. The event itself is not just about trading and value but more about utility and true usage of this digital currency.

These new innovations and technology separate BSV from the ordinary crypto we had been investing into. It seems that this coin has a lot to offer in the long run. Though it seems to lack the trading value like its cousin BTC, this digital currency surely packs a punch when it comes to utility and usage. Entrepreneurs and tech-savvy individuals will eventually favor these types of digital currency which can help boost their business and apps.

If interested you can watch the BSV Global Blockchain Convention here

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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