Boracay as Bitcoin island., a crypto wallet provider, is eyeing to add a new title to Boracay and be Bitcoin Island. With their help, more than 120 businesses have partnered to promote and allow Bitcoin use on the island. In fact, Pouch has already been promoting Bitcoin use for four months now.

Pouch Vice President Bill Mill plans to establish a micro-economy in the Island and promote crypto tourism alongside that.

We Filipinos know that Boracay is one of the top vacation spots here in the Philippines, and lots of tourists, both locals and foreigners, flock to this amazing Island.

According to Bill some of the staff and service providers on the island are already being paid with Bitcoin using Pouch.

Imagine traveling, eating, booking a hotel and treating your friends with no money on hand and just using Bitcoin.

“Something as simple as payroll services is an unsolved problem here. We are fighting for every centimeter of adoption forging a circular economy right now,”

“We are really trying to gear up for the start of (the) tourist season in October. Already, random bitcoiners are here, seeing the businesses and spending satoshi. The more that happens, the more the imperative to accept bitcoin,” the crypto wallet executive explained.

After Boracay, there are also plans to make Pouch available in the whole country. Pouch’s lower transaction fees is the wallet’s strongest selling point. This can boost Bitcoin adoption, which will surely provide Filipinos a lot of savings in remittances and commissions. Bill Mill expects a boost in the Philippine economy from Bitcoin usage once all their plans are put into effect.

“If all the remittance markets were to switch to bitcoin as rails, it would increase the GDP of the entire country by 1%,” he stated.

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