The pandemic did ravage the economy but Bitcoin still soars high despite the challenges from the past two years. Bitcoin dedicated supporters all around the globe gathered at the Miami beach on April 6–9, 2022 to witness the annual Bitcoin Conference. The event was filled with new and exciting Bitcoin updates and products that offered users boundless opportunities in the future.

What’s new?

We all knew that one of the biggest problems of these types of technologies are power consumption from mining. Jordan Chenn, Chief Operation Officer of MicroBT, announced a new line of Whatsminers ASICs. The top-of-the-line M53 Miner will use hydro cooling to achieve all-time-high performance without using more energy. Well, that’s a lot of help for the environment and for the miners, too.

Lightning Network

Graham Krizek, CEO of Voltage, announced two new products coming out this year. “Surge”provides users a specialized set of tools to monitor the lightning network and “Flow” is a service which gives users direct access to buy Bitcoin from a lightning network.

New secure browser that runs on Bitcoin

The CEO of Impervious AI, Chase Perkins, also introduced in the event a new and safer way of browsing. According to Chase, “We have become, not even in essence, but quite literally, subjects of digital tyranny”. Data is a commodity, and we are really losing it with all the different social media platforms making money from it. One way to reclaim our digital rights is by using Impervious’ programmatic layer that runs on the lightning network. This new product will totally secure your privacy online and will make your data truly yours.

Bitcoin Bull

On the second day of the event, a large black robotic bull was unveiled. It stands 11 feet tall and is made from chrome and fiber glass with its eyes beaming like laser. Mayor Francis Suarez from the interviews said that “I think what it symbolizes is the metamorphosis from the old economy to the new economy.” The bull stands for the energy coursing through Miami and its cryptocurrency industry.

Miami is bullish on Bitcoin and this is the statue to prove it. The bull was designed by feminist sculptor Kristen Visbal and commissioned by asset-management firm State Street to advertise its gender-diversity index fund. The statue has both been hailed as a protest to corporate America’s lack of diversity and commercialist propaganda.

The conference showed what Bitcoin is truly capable of doing. It also showed that Bitcoin is still growing and expanding. Bitcoin adaptation is still in its early stages but with its 10-year run, we can all say that it is already proving it can change the world and will continue to rise to the moon.

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