When was the last time you had passive income? Due to COVID-19, everyone struggled to find ways to earn and boost their takings. It was not an easy task, and we all had to grapple with the situation. Some of us lost our jobs, and we needed to find a way to provide for our daily needs. As we all stayed at home and locked ourselves up using phones and computers, we came across Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

“What exactly is Bitcoin, and what is the hype all about?” 

We had never encountered this tech, and words like ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘blockchain’ were alien to us until its boom in 2017. In truth, very few among us knew about Bitcoin, until we took the time to learn more about it. 

Just like earning from stock trading (which we think is too complicated), Bitcoin became an opportunity for us to pull in money and trade with other Bitcoin users. And alas! We earned from it! Though there are still things we need to learn and discover, using Bitcoin for us became an instant break from the actual work we do. It was a solution to our dwindling savings.

We at Earn & Use Crypto believe that Bitcoin is the future. Technology develops, and we need to move forward with the times. More and more people will see the endless possibilities of using Bitcoin to earn extra money for daily expenses and supplement our insufficient incomes. Our journey is still at its genesis, and we believe that this is the perfect time for us to share what we have learned so far, from wallets, cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and trading. Join us as we explore, earn, and use Bitcoin!